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Kamis, 26 September 2013

Attraction Place in West Sumatra Indonesia

Attraction place in West Sumatra /Padang Indonesia. West Sumatra is has many fascinating tourist charm pretty and very nice . Ranging from nature scenery , mountains , beaches , lakes to the National monuments . We will present the favorite tourist spots that exist in West Sumatra . As a reference you are looking for information and travel guides . This is the place in West Sumatra attractions :

The root bridge

The root bridge in the District 's shadow has potential for marine tourism with beautiful beaches , not just an attractive tourist spot but the root bridge has a historical value that is also not less interesting . This place is called the Root Bridge because the bridge is made ​​from the roots is woven and interconnected to form a bridge from two opposite -lying trees and separated by a river . The root bridge is quite powerful and can be used by people who want to cross the river .

Tower House Mande Rubiah

Tower House Mande Lunang Rubiah in Nagari , District Lunang Silaut South Coastal District has its own uniqueness . Because one of the milestones in the gadang can issue the water.It has been going on since the first - former . People believe that the water coming out of the Mande Rubiah milestone gadang can treat various diseases .


Lake Lodge in West Sumatra is one of the lake has an amazing panorama of the archipelago . This volcanic lake is situated approximately 461 meters above sea level . With a size of approximately 100 square meters with a maximum depth of 500 meters , this lake has a legend associated . Based on the legend in the realm of Minang " Bujang Sembilan " , one of whom died by jumping into the crater . The crater was later enlarged and later formed a lake here .

Maninjau Lake is a lake in the district of Tanjung Raya , Agam regency , West Sumatra , Indonesia . Buya Hamka , a famous poet who was born in Indonesia in ini.Danau village is located about 140 kilometers north of Padang , capital of West Sumatra , 36 kilometers from Bukittinggi , 27 kilometers from Lubuk cone , Agam regency capital . The lake is listed as the eleventh largest lake in Indonesia. While in West Sumatra , Maninjau is the second largest lake after Lake Batur which has an area of ​​129.69 km ² .

Bases Istano Pagaruyung

Istano tongue better known by the name Pagaruyung Palace , is a palace located in Batusanggkar, Tanah Datar regency of West Sumatra . This palace is a famous cultural attractions in Sumatra Barat.Istana Pagaruyung Pagaruyung built by the royal family that has a characteristic of Minangkabau . Even if the original palace has been burned many times , but was rebuilt replica. The palace stood back thanks to the compactness of the Minangkabau people , including those overseas with Gebu Minang . Expanse of verdant paddy is around the palace adds to the beauty of the Palace atmosphere .

Japanese cave Panorama ( Japanese hole )

Is evidence of atrocities committed by the Japanese occupation of the people of Indonesia that has a length of 4 Km . This cave is located just beside Sianok canyon , or under the Panorama Park . According to the story , this cave is planned as the headquarters for the Asia war Sumatra . But before it all happened , the Japanese surrendered to the Allies and ditinggalkanlah this cave . Entry hall is very deep and long . There are about 128 stairs to go down before the visitors can pass through room after room in the Cave of Japan . Everything was still clearly visible , no jail space , dining room , space surveillance , to the torture chamber .

Bung Hatta Memorial Park

Bung Hatta Memorial Park is located in the building next to the Palace of Bung Hatta Bukittinggi , on a low hillside , shaded by many large trees that shade . Dr. . ( H.C. ) Drs . H. Mohammad Hatta was born in Fort de Kock is now renamed Bukittinggi where Bung Hatta Memorial Park is located, on August 12, 1902 . His journey led him to become a student , movement leaders , warriors , statesmen , and Vice President of Indonesia first and then to resign in 1956 , because it clashed with President Soekarno . Bung Hatta also served as Prime Minister and Minister of Defense , and is known as the Father of Cooperatives . Bung Hatta Memorial Park was built to commemorate the birth centenary of the Minangkabau son , which falls on August 12, 2002 .

Royal Inderapura

Inderapura kingdom is a kingdom located in the South Coast district , West Sumatra province now , bordering the provinces of Bengkulu and Jambi . Officially the kingdom was once a subordinate ( vazal ) United Pagaruyung.Hingga now be made in the center of culture and tourism

Cingkuak Island

Cingkuak island which can be seen from the Mount Langkisau beauty is one of the natural attractions that you must visit when visiting the province of West Sumatra . Cingkuak island in the territory Painan city which is one of the small cities in Sumatra Barat.Sebagian Painan big city residents work as farmers , fishermen , and some small works as a civil servant . Cingkuak island has a history that deserves to be known . In the 16th century , Cingkuak Island is an international boat harbor known as the Golden Harbor Salido .

Fortress Fort de Kock

Fortress Fort de Kock is a legacy of colonial Dutch fort which stood on the Mount Jirek in Bukittinggi City , is also one of the attractions of West Sumatra are located in the city of Bukittinggi , built in 1825 by Captain Bauer and used as a stronghold of the Dutch defense in the face of war vicar led by Tuanku Imam Bonjol .

Originally Fortress Fort de Kock was named Sterrenschans , but later changed to Fort de Kock following name Hendrick Merkus Baron de Kock , who was then serving as the Commander de Roepoen and Deputy Governor -General of the Dutch East Indies .

The most recommended place for those of you who want to enjoy the fresh air and views of the city of Bukittinggi , and suitable for a relaxing atmosphere for families . Bukittinggi attractions that will always visited , although not on a holiday .

Lake Batur

Lake Batur is a touristic place which is the widest lake in Sumatra , and the second largest on the island of Sumatra , after Lake Toba . Location Lake Batur is located halfway between Solok and Padang Panjang. Lake Batur is famous for its fish Bilih is also quite convenient if you want to drive around to several attractions in West Sumatra .

The Upper Lake Bottom

Lower or Upper Lake , known as the twin lakes in West Sumatra . Attractions: Lower Upper Lake is located near the town of Alahan Panjang, Solok , West Sumatra , Lake Above and Below Lake looks unique because it is located adjacent location . The difference lies only in the height of the two lakes . Above the lake is at an altitude of 1,531 meters above sea level , while and the lake is at an altitude Under 1,663 masl .

Location on the bottom lake located in Simpang Market Village , District Lembayang Jaya , Kab . Solok , located approximately 47 km from Solok City and 56 km from the city of Padang . To visit this lake you can make the trip from Padang to the Sea - Lubuk Sitinjau Basil - Solok . This place is a place with a very good view of the areas in West Sumatra .

Icon Clock Tower Bukittinggi West Sumatra

Who does not know interesting places in West Sumatra Clock Tower . Clock Tower as a landmark and symbol of the city of Bukittinggi, is a tower building towering majestically , distinctive Minangkabau roof , situated in the center of Bukittinggi . Clock Tower from the top of the tower we can enjoy and see how beautiful nature around the city of Bukittinggi is decorated Mount Merapi , Gunung Singgalang , Mount Sago and Sianok canyon . In addition, the Clock Tower is also useful as a guide for communities to know the time . It is unique in the Clock Tower is the number 4 is written IIII .

Canyon Sianok

Attractions Sianok canyon located on the border of West Sumatra Bukittinggi and Agam District , was selected as Best Attraction in West Sumatra Province and won the award Padang Tourism Award ( PTA ) in 2007 , being able to quickly recover heavy pascakerusakan 6.4 magnitude quake in March 2007 . Sianok canyon is a steep valley that has a depth of about 100 meters stretching along 15 kilometers with a width of about 200 meters , elongated and meandering canyon Koto Tower from the south to the canyon Sianok Six Parts , and ended up Palupuh area , Agam and has the charm of a beautiful view . The natural beauty is breathtaking canyon Sianok always perpetuated by tourists to take photographs as well as for the painter 's imagination .

Waterfall Basin Harau

Attraction Harau Valley West Sumatra is a nature reserve with a steep limestone hill with a height of 100 to 150 m , located 14 km from Payakumbuh . In Harau Valley also encountered five waterfalls that pour clear water always . In this waterfall tourist spots are also available for travel camping facilities for teenagers and activities surrounding the nature reserve along the path . Planned nature reserve will be the first wildlife park outside of Java .

Sikuai Island beach

Not inferior to the beaches in Karimunjawa , Sikuai Tourist attractions in West Sumatra Island is an island located on the west side of the island of Sumatra is located only about a half mile north of the town of Padang and can be achieved using a special transport ship and takes about 35 minutes left of the pier airud Bungus . Visitors can stay at a resort that has a two -star hotel facilities . This resort offers 21 cottages with a capacity of fruit about 45 rooms . Besides enjoying the beauty of the beaches and marine tourism , trekking around the island or explore the natural forest to climbing can also be done by visitors are happy Sikuai island nature adventure .

Anai Valley

Anai Valley tourist attractions is the icon of tourism in the province of West Sumatra . Anai Valley is located on the side of the road that connects the city of Padang and Bukittinggi , precisely in the District Nagarai Ten Koto , Tanah Datar regency , about 38 km from the Batusanggkar . Anai valley nature reserve is a protected area Anai Valley are in charge since the Dutch colonial . Anai Valley Nature Reserve is a protected forest area located in West Sumatra , the region has a dense tropical forest with diverse species of flora and fauna . The natural beauty and rare flora and fauna that is the appeal of Anai Valley , the natural beauty of which there are three waterfalls and a lake where the water is bluish .

Clever Shopping Tour in Sikek

Clever Sikek known as the carving craft center and Songket woven fabrics . Clever Sikek located at the foot of Mount Singgalang approximately 10 miles before entering the town of Bukittinggi with beautiful scenery . Here we also can see the life of a traditional farming community . The village has 1000 looms fruit . Paintings and wood furniture is made here .

Thus Attraction Places in West Sumatra , I hope you enjoy the end of the article admin thank you already want membaa tour of our article

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